Impromptu Abstract

Abstract Road Trip Today I and my brother drove up to Winchester, Virginia to get some new 4k camera gear. I took my 5Dmkii and my Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L Lens. On the drive up, […]

17 going on 80mph

Personal Documentaries I’ve always found it easier to make documentaries about people I don’t really know. There’s a kind of separation; a freedom to poke fun, be critical, support, or agree with. Making a film […]

Feeding the next generation

Moving on I recently sold off some of my old equipment I have not used since I purchased my Canon Ef-L 35mm 1.4 & Canon 24-70mm 2.8. I sold my first EF mount cine lens.  […]

Green Screen Lighting

Learning the art of even lighting. Today me and my class did some testing on lighting a green screen and pulling a clean crisp key. We started out by raising a roll of green foam […]

Noir Filming

Film Noir Lighting. Recreating a scene from “The Man Who Couldn’t See Far Enough”   Finally got to experiment with noir lighting. I think the result is pretty amazing considering a rigged lighting setup. I […]

Java: for more than web animation

Before this class I had never even seen source code. I’ll admit on the firstday of classes I was very intimidated and the though of dropping the class did cross my mind but I decided […]