The Perfect LED Light Panel

LED Lights


I’ve searched hard to find a LED light panels that I felt I could rely on that didn’t cost as much as a lens. For me there’s always been a color and flickering issue with the lower end lights I’ve tried. The last one I used that I really liked was an Astra Lite panel kit with V mount batteries, but the budget for the production I was researching them for didn’t have near the budget to afford those. I liked the Ikan LED panels but they just couldn’t throw enough light.

Enter the Dracast Silkray 500 Bi color LED panel. I purchased one when B&H photo ran their deal of the day on them. I had seen them in the past and was tempted by their affordable price but many bad experiences with previous panels made me a wary buyer. For this deal however I could get the panel, a 2x battery kit, and a light stand for $130. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it. From the moment I got it I was extremely impressed. The build is solid and is just a little thicker than my 2015 Macbook pro. Coming from my Mole Richardson tungstans this was simply amazing. The bi-color- is excellent and the dimmer is the full range of the light. The best thing is, this fixture can really push some light. I was shocked at how diverse this light could be. Even at its normal price it is an amazing deal on a light that I think will become a staple in my kit.

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