Noir Filming

Film Noir Lighting. Recreating a scene from “The Man Who Couldn’t See Far Enough”


Noir Lighting Frame
The Man Who Couldn’t See Far Enough. Noir Lighting Scene Recreation

Finally got to experiment with noir lighting. I think the result is pretty amazing considering a rigged lighting setup. I used my Mole Richardson 1k fresnel lamp which I modified by removing the fresnel lens to create a 1k open face lamp that I could spot and flood. I then made a custom bar cookie to cut the light from foam board I bought at Lowes. I suspended the foam from two stands with grip head on them so I could angle the cookie high in the air. I planned to use a fog machine to haze the room but due to a PA overfilling the tank it crapped out as soon as we went to roll.

Overall this tough shoot was fun and I’m happy with the result. Full scene coming soon but I wanted to show a sneak peak at what it looked like.

Canon c100

Canon Ef-L 24-70mm 2.8

Soon to be on my Vimeo Account


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