Green Screen Lighting

Learning the art of even lighting.

Today me and my class did some testing on lighting a green screen and pulling a clean crisp key. We started out by raising a roll of green foam fabric about 10′ into the air, suspended from 2 c stands with mafer clamps holding a long wooden pole. We had 2 DIVA bank lights, a 1k Arri zip, Lowel case lights and a small arri 300wt fresnel. We started by using the two DIVA banks on either side of the green screen. The soft light was perfect for the vertical width of the small screen we were lighting.

We then bounced the 1k zip light into a 3×6′ white bounce card and filled with the Lowel case-light through diffusion.

We then used the Arri 300wt on a boom stand over the top edge of the green screen for a edge light.

With this setup we were able to achieve a great degree of separation between out subject and got the exposure on our subject to around 65 IRE on the false color scale


Canon C100, ISO 1600, 180 degree shutter, color temp at 3300k

Canon EF-L 24-70 f2.8

Small HD AC7


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