Jack Profile


Film is more than a hobby. It is the most powerful and artistic way to communicate.

Jack is a filmmaker, photographer, and creative director

Hippchen Creative works out of the Greater Richmond, VA and surrounding areas

Why Hippchen Creative is different.

Too many people attempt to operate in the creative world without actually being creative.

Jack has extensive experience in Commercial, Documentary, and Narrative film-making. His work has shown in theaters and has been broadcasted on Television up and down the east coast.

Get ready to create with someone who is truly passionate and has the knowledge to bring your creative vision to life.

State of the Art Equipment:

Hippchen Creative is able to meet any creative project’s needs with the ability to deliver Full HD to 4k content, and aerial drone video & photos.

 Jack utilizes the full power of the Adobe Creative Suite,  Davinci Resolve, and shoots with Canon CINEMA, Panasonic UHD, and DJI Phantom PRO.

If your project calls for something special, Jack has experience with many of the industry standard tools such as:

Sony Broadcast Camera

DJI Stabilizers and Drones

Panasonic Broadcast and mirrorless cameras

Final Cut PRO

Pro Tools

and more