Feeding the next generation

Moving on

I recently sold off some of my old equipment I have not used since I purchased my Canon Ef-L 35mm 1.4 & Canon 24-70mm 2.8. I sold my first EF mount cine lens.  My very first cine lens was a micro 4/3 Rokinon cine 14mm T3.1. This lens was soft and slow and I never really got the results I wanted out of it. Compared to the Rokinon cine EF 85mm t1.5 it was a terrible, but at that time I was shooting on my black magic pocket cinema camera with it’s super 16mm sensor a 14mm. A medium wide angle lens. The 85mm on that camera was like a 250mm on my 5d mkii which made it usable in only certain situations. This led me to mainly use it on my Canon t3i that I used as a B camera at the time. The lens crushed everything else I had or had used except for the Panasonic GH4/Zeiss cp.2 combo i had shot with at school. I shot a lot on that 85mm. The vessels of Mercy interview, some of the My story, multiple short films, weddings, and events. The fast speed of it never let me down. Sadly in the gear world, you always run across something better . In this case mine was a outrageous deal on the two Canon EF-L lenses. after getting those at the beginning of the summer I had not reached for the 85mm since.

The other day I decided to list and sell it on Facebook’s Market. A young man responded and expressed how excited he was to use the lens and how many opportunities it would open up for him. We agreed on a price which was subsequently what I had payed for it. We chose a time for him to run by the house and test it out. He showed up with his buddy who was clearly just there as backup. He opened his bag and took out a camera very much like my T3i from back in the day. He put the lens on and was so giddy he could hardly keep a straight face. It felt like I was talking to my self from 3-4 years ago. You know how everyone wishes they could go back and tell themselves what they should have done? Well this was my moment. I gave him the advice that I would have told myself. I tried to tell him what I wished I had known at that point in my filmmaking career. I told him what gear he should skip on and what he should invest in , and that if I ever had any work that I could’d hire him onto I would. I also told him if he ever needed any help to reach out to me.

Helping bring up a person with you

Many people would’ve left him out to dry because it’s a competitive field and the jobs are few but I feel that theres always a right person for a job and that the client works the best with a certain person so who am I to dictate that? I will find my right client but in the meantime I can pull someone up with me much like I had hoped someone would do for me back when I was 18 with a camera and high hopes ready to tackle the world.


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